What are the major problem been faced while creating Apps via NOCODE Platforms?

Pritam Kumar
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Hey PH fam - I'm working on NOCODE Platform to create my App. Just wanted to know from the people who have used NOCODE and discovered some of the problems where your experience was not well with the NOCODE platforms. It can be any feature or Experience etc. Share your experience


Dalibor Houfek
Hi Pritam, we have tried several no/low-code platforms. And we were concerned about the limitations because most no-code tools are aimed at business users, not developers. This has the following implications when you need to create business logic. 1. You can use existing templates, so you're essentially creating customizable applications for your users. 2. You can hide the programming/coding behind a scripting language (the MS way), but as a user you have to learn a new language. 3. You can use a visual tool to create logic, but it's annoying for developers because you spend a lot of time moving/adding visual parts instead of writing a few lines of code (but you have something nice to show your boss :-) ). So to solve the problem for us developers, we decided to create our own low-code platform https://jetveo.io/. Our goal is to give non-developers the ability to do basic things through no-code and allow developers full flexibility and use of C#. If you are interested let me know and we can discuss more details.
Pritam Kumar
@jetveo That's really interesting what you are solving with your Platform. I will surely use your platform for my scenarios.