What are the key questions that you should ask your interviewee when you host a podcast?

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Matthias Karg
I really like learning how people's perception has changed. To not ask about their opinion, or recommendations, but about their experiences. One question in that regard that I think is helpful: Depending on their background/story/expertise: what do you understand about this now that wasn't clear to you 5 years ago/when you started?
I always like to know their biggest mistakes and how they recovered.
@rob0 Yes that definitely helps, when we are going wrong and following the same mistake, the expertise helps!
Michel Gagnon
I like to ask them to explain how they got to where they are now. What drove them to take a specific path. But I realized that when you ask a question and then truly listen to the answer, there's a long list of other follow up questions that quickly come to mind. And then, the conversation gets interesting :)
@michel_gagnon1 I agree. It's really important to listen to your interviewee to make the conversation actually interesting for both the audience and the interviewee!
Scoffield Matthews
An interesting question I like to ask is, "what advice would you give to your 10 year old self?"
@rchiesm_chencknh would you like to share what advice would you give your 10 year old self? :P
Pulkit Zaveri
If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?
@pulkit_zaveri1 MIchelle Obama probably. I read her biography Becoming and am so inspired by the way she lived her life at the White House, everything that she does is so inspiring. It would be my dream to interact with her or interview her!
Vio Vanica
I would be curious to know their circumstances - how they started and where they are right now (where the come from, what was their journey so far)
Adalberto Bongnoli
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Keneth Laplaca
It mostly depends on what exactly the topic of discussion is but mostly just the basics like the name, expertise and maybe their opinion on the topic of discussion.
Kyle Nazario
A favorite question of mine is, "What are your favorite and least favorite things about (interview topic)?" People feel more comfortable sharing negatives if you let them highlight the positives of their job, product, what it's like to work in their field, etc.
Things you did when you were faced with almost certain failure and what did you learn from it.
Ahtisham Ali
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Florian Stegre
Why? I like to ask why they are doing what they do. People are looking for meaning in their lives and that starts with knowing why we make certain choices.
@virtualflo The answer to this would be really insightful and thought provoking to both the audience and the interviewee!