What are the features you look for in a communication tool for remote working?

Nabeel Amir
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Muhammad Ali
Asynchronous remote teams almost always require a communication tool that aids in streamlining tasks, prioritizing, collaboration and communication. Communication tools such as Screen Sharing and screen recording enable team members to prioritize, focus on important tasks, and minimize distractions.
Nabeel Amir
@dev_concerns Yup, screen sharing and recording are essential for communicating remotely.
Olivia Watson
For the best remote working environment, you'll require the right tools for communicating which allow screen sharing screens, screen recording, and task management that allows members of the team to concentrate on their tasks.
Nabeel Amir
@olivia_watson2 Yes, I agree. Thanks for the reply though!
Hussain Shah
Instead of introducing numerous disjointed tools in your organization, you can rely on a digital workplace platform that offers all the features that remote employees need to manage their work and integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.
Nabeel Amir
@alhussaini_consultancies Yup, a single tool with all the required necessities should always be preffered!
Ali Muhammad
Instead of implementing numerous remote employee tools, you can implement a digital workplace platform to manage the remote employee experience.
Nabeel Amir
@ali_muhammad3 I agree. One efficient tool with required functionality is always sufficient.
Sophia Emma
The ideal remote-work tool is much more than collaboration software. An ideal remote-work tool is one that helps employees manage their work productively, efficiently, and in turn improves the overall employee experience.
jonny vince
The ideal corporate remote work tool is much more than a collaborative app. The ideal remote work tool is one that helps employees manage their work productively and efficiently, for a better employee experience overall.
Nabeel Amir
@jonny_vince Yes, a better employee experience is also essential in remote communication.
Emma Foster
The best tools for remote work are those that make employees feel more productive, efficient, and engaged.
Roman Vorozhtsov
Telegram is suitable for communication with a team for remote work!
Nabeel Amir
@roman_vorozhtsov Yes it is, but may be not as professional.
Ana Dodig
Simple interface, easy chat tool that navigates you quickly through channels & threads. DM messages, screen sharing, sharing files, audio & video options for quick meeting 1 on 1, but also for large amount of people. Something that works without problems, without notifications that interrupt your work and productivity.
Jonathan Yan
With remote work becoming more common in companies all over the world, I think it's key for employers/employees in all parts of the world to have a singular space in which they can contact each other in real time to optimize efficiency and find success. oVice offers this to its users by allowing them to create a customizable Virtual Space to accommodate varying sizes of groups! Users create an avatar to navigate the space and can speak with their co-workers and/or friends who are also present in the space. They also have to option to initiate a video meeting for a more personable experience. If anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to check out our Demo Space and play around with the features we offer! tour-en.ovice.in
Nabeel Amir
@jonathan_ovice Such a detailed reply, Thank you for sharing.