What are the cons of working from home ?

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by now, a lot of companies have permanently shifted to allowing employees to work from home. Most of the time, it seems to be a really positive step. But, I'd like to know if you have experienced any negative effects due to doing so


Adriel Cruz
As a WFH person, I think these are the cons: 1. Distracted too often 2. Less productivity 3. During meetings you need a stable connection and there's more than that...
@adriel_cruz Good points Adriel. Sometimes the cost and availability of office-level amenities makes things really difficult. Also, like you said, productivity gets a hit for most people, albeit, some people feel more productive at home.
Qudsia Ali
Most workers who work from home reports poor mental health consequences such as isolation, loneliness, and difficulties getting away from work at the end of the day
Good point @qudsia_ali , the lack of regular social interactions can often seem detrimental for employees, especially when they are already used to an office atmosphere.
Kseniia Dorundiak🇺🇦
For more than 2 years of remote work I noticed a few points: 1. you definitely need a separate workplace, don't work from a bed or a couch, because you're gonna get issues with your back 2. keep a work-life balance because the line between leisure and work is blurring and you can burn down 3. lack of physical activity (you don't spend time going to the office) But despite these points, remote work is great!