What are the best ways to contact hunters?

Ben Bohbot
9 replies
Hey PH community 😍 We plan to launch soon and think about how best to contact hunters. Should we send an email? Through their own websites? Thank you in advance :)


Qudsia Ali
I would suggest contacting them on LinkedIn.
Brian Nutt
I was wondering the same thing as we prepare to set a launch date. I'd be interested to hear about your success in approaching and finding a supportive hunter!
Dor Muallem
Could there be an alternative to cold emails and LinkedIn?
Fabian Maume
Check relevant hunter on https://upvote-bell.com/leaderboard Contact hunter on their personal website. Some hunters might include a specific forms to request hunting.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
This list of things to do before a PH launch by @falak_sher has some FB groups where you an hunt your PH hunter (and some other great tips too!) https://falakdigital.notion.site...