What are the best ways of acquiring beta users?

Misha Krunic
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What are the ways that worked for you when trying to reach out to people who are willing to use your early-stage product and provide feedback?


Qudsia Ali
Here are some of the ways you can use to acquire beta users for your product. 1)Launch Your Product on Product Hunt 2)Share Your Offers for Beta Testers in Relevant Communities 3)Reach Out to Your Existing Network 4)Submit Your Product on Beta Testing Websites and Platforms 5)Work on Your PR Strategies 6)Use a referral program 7)Facebook Groups 8)Email Lists 9)Post on Reddit 10)Post on Quora
Misha Krunic
@qudsia_ali Thanks for answering, great tips! So you would suggest launching on PH even though the product is not in the final stage yet? And do you think one should relaunch on PH once the final version is ready?