What are some startups who might be looking to raise Seed or Series A funding in the near future?

Declan Kelley
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Alexa Vovchenko
Us :) employplan.com The page of our product here is very poor (since it was created we pivoted and grew a lot), but I can talk about EP endlessly :) I'm not sure what type of startups you meant exactly, but I guess there're enough startups that might also want funding here.
DeWayne Johnson
Use Crunchbase to find startups. Filter by "Pre-Seed" and "Seed". That'll present you with thousands of companies who will likely be raising another round at some point.
Jeremy Cleverly
Our company is currently raising a late-seed round. We already have a MVP and traction now that we are in market. In addition to being a founder of a company currently raising, I'm also part of an angel investment group, so I suppose I have experience on both sides of the table if you have some specific questions I might be able to help answer.
Taylor Volpe
Hello, I am looking for a seed round. We will be launching our mvp in 1-2 months. Be more than happy to briefly explain our product and vision. Please email me at taylor@getfeedapp.com