What are some simple YouTube SEO techniques?

Tom Brat
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Alex gleen
Choose your keywords wisely
Tom Brat
@alex_gleen I appreciate your insights
Daniel Jacob
Begin by conducting keyword research.
James Oliver
Make a Thumbnail That Stands Out
Tom Brat
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Altamash Brag
YouTube SEO is a lot less complicated than it formerly was, especially if you have the correct tools.
Tom Brat
@almas_mano1 Your thoughts are very similar to mine
Benjamin Lucas
Answer any questions that have remained unanswered.
Add keywords in title and description, add video chapters and speak your focus keyword in video. I hope it helps :)
Paul VanZandt
Just based on what videos I watch and see trending, I think titles and thumbnails are the most important piece. After that, definitely optimize the description and content where you can.
Andrew C.
i personally feel, YTshorts have a way better reach than regular videos. this really helped my channel grow. so YT shorts over videos. also don't forget to use the #shorts in the headline of the content.
Arunava Das
I'm not sure about any hacks or techniques, but here are 4 key things to keep in mind before uploading any YouTube video: 1. SEO Optimized Video Title & Description 2. Use tags to increase reach 3. Use clean and eye-catching thumbnails 4. Put a caption & timestamp on the video to let watchers know what it is about. P.S: Let me know if I'm missing anything in the replies.
Well, YouTube SEO and Website SEO are two different things. You might find a YouTube video ranking high on Google but not on YouTube. They are worked out differently. My suggestion for boosting views on YouTube is that try to focus on better quality videos and graphics. The AI in YouTube is different and its primary metric is CTR which it attributes to the video's graphics. When creating a video have in mind these four things: Idea->Presentation->Thumbnails/Title->Story. 1. Work on an Idea that may or may not excite people but has some sort of search volume. 2. Try to present that idea most bizarrely and controversially. Like - Your idea is to show the gameplay of God Of War. So, you might present it as a video where you try to complete GOW in record time. 3. Title and Thumbnail - They both should not be the same but convey a similar story for example,- from the GOW in record time, your title might look like "I broke the World Record for GOW" and the Thumbnail might have the time or any additional text from the video. 4. The Story- At last it is the most important thing to do. You might bring an audience from the first three but the content will decide the fate of your video. It should encourage engagement and reduce churn. Make better and more engaging videos and you eventually achieve success on YouTube
Polikarp Ivanov
@sk_rabiul This is a good detailed explanation! It was interesting to read!
Polikarp Ivanov
Very good answers! I really liked SK RABIUL's answer. But I would like to complete Ng Fang Kiang's comment: "Focus on content." I would rather add: quality content! Overall, It's quite helpful! Probably using service like https://piar4you.com/ would be useful.
Tina Mae
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