What are some SEO hacks that surprised you with their efficacy?

Dylan Merideth
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We are in the beginning stages of a new SEO journey with my team. Knowing that it's a long road, a marathon instead of a sprint; what was a technique/sequence of operations that helped you to gain SEO traction in a surprising way?


Dylan Merideth
Content optimization seems to be something I see cyclically, by creating content that can be used as source material for other publications (statistics, interviews and the like) you can increase the probability of other pubs back-linking to a piece of content.
Maxwell Davis
I think it's just creating content that answers common questions in a smaller niche.
Dylan Merideth
@maxwellcdavis Thank you for the tip, will definitely try this out!
Qudsia Ali
Good guest posting is the hack I tried, and I was amazed by it.
Dylan Merideth
@qudsia_ali This is great to know, thank you for sharing!
Innocent Amadi
Tying in keywords research, social listening and Google trends helped us improve our process for prioritizing content to be produced. It was great to bring some objectivity into selecting what our content order, and 3 - 6 months content plan, should be.
I think how much the domain name affects the position of the site. I knew it had to work that way, but I didn't know the impact was that strong. I learned this from this domain name expert https://www.to-the-top.ca/choosing-domain-name/ I'm actually studying to become a seo specialist and I'm surprised by a lot of things in this profession. When you work with what people are looking for, you get to know them from a whole new perspective.
Matthew Edward
Semantic SEO. Creating topical authority by writing and providing answers to query surrounding the main term you are trying to rank for. Then inter-linking them together. I explain it a little more here: Matt Edward SEO