What are some of your mid week wins?

Aaron O'Leary
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It's officially Wednesday and what a week it's been already! What are some of your wins so far this week? πŸ‘€


Pouya Lotfi
My goodness, it has been one quiet roller coaster ride so far with two rollouts in production, which has seen new features rolled out with improved user experiences, but of course I haven't done any marketing.
Aaron O'Leary
@lotfipouya1 Congrats! Marketing is always the worst part I feel, have so much progress but how do we communicate it??
Pouya Lotfi
@aaronoleary this is the thing. would love to have other's input but these days having direct marcomm does not work.
published an interview with @iamarnob6543 about designing and building the Olvy waitlist page πŸ˜ƒ
Zach Piepmeyer
@graeme_fulton @iamarnob6543 is Framer Sites similar to Webflow in your opinion?
Arnob Mukherjee
@graeme_fulton @zachpiepmeyer They are very different, Webflow works in constraint of how web is traditionally built, where as the Framer's approach is more designers focused design things on canvas and go live when you are ready πŸ™Œ
Justin George
- Added an advanced search for Product Hunt products in https://statsph.com/search - Got some positive responses from PH, and indie hackers. - Every day of the week had website traffic (last 7 days)
Saif Ullah Khalid
I cleared my test for getting my driving license. pheww...✌
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @aaronoleary It's been a productive and challenging week for me. Need to learn a lot of new things in the workplace. What about you?
Zach Piepmeyer
@aaronoleary @tanya_kapoor did you start a new or different role?! We need the deets
Alexandra Cote
Launched a new Skillshare course and restarted my consultancy career.
Zach Piepmeyer
Launched our new marketing website πŸ™Œ In prep for our PH launch on Monday πŸ•Ί
Melissa Henderson
At ApeWorX, we are proud of Ape Academy, a new educational platform for python developers, data scientists and security professionals building in Web3.