What are some “non-marketing”/silent marketing strategies for startups?

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Maciej Cupial
Getting directly to your customers :)
Maciej Cupial
@divyamundhra I would start searching in Google, taking phone/email and contacting them. LinkedIn would also be an option. Twitter. But don't spam. Try to get with your prospects in a small conversation.
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
I'd be more interested in looking for more answers from the community.
Jason Grills
A silent marketing strategy is perfect for startups with limited funds. We use a silent marketing strategy called chatbot marketing. Chatbots help us manage and automate our customer support processes. They also help us generate leads and growing our customer base. You may ask which chatbot we use for this excellent automation strategy. We are currently using ProProfs chatbots for our customer support process. It helps us stay connected with our customers 24x7, provide them the best possible help, and capture lead information. What we specifically love about this chatbot is that it’s easy to set up and fully customizable.