What are some lesser-known but highly efficient tool(s) for improving the remote communication?

Nabeel Amir
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Matthew Johnson
Tandem 2.0 is my favorite tool for remote teams. It's like Zoom with no friction for jumping on calls and screenshares with your team. We even use it as a co-working space https://taskablehq.com/blog/virt...
Qudsia Ali
@mattcrail Hey Matthew! I wasn't familiar with this tool. Also, it sounds worthy enough to try my hands on it; thanks for sharing.
Amanda B
More people are working from home now than ever, which means that more of us have become painfully aware just how noisy everybody’s homes can be. Lol Online work meetings can be convenient and safer than meeting in an office conference room but not anywhere near as quiet, unless of course the participants in that meeting are using Krisp, an incredible (and free to use) noise cancelling app that uses artificial intelligence to filter out unwanted noise from your online calls and videoconferences, both at your own mic and on the other end or ends of the conversation. If you spend any time at all working from home and have been irritated by noisy background distractions and bad voice quality, there’s no reason not to give the Krisp noise cancelling app a try now. https://bit.ly/35if5ZE