What are some know christian crypto projects?

Mark Okhman
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Hallo everyone! I've recently hit a wall while searching for some good Christian NFTs. That brought me to an idea of starting some incentive to gather Christian crypto projects in general. Do you know any Christian crypto projects? If so - please share here or via email mark.okhman@gmail.com The page i've created for the incentive is located here -> https://christiancrypto.cc


Bronson Furby
I often find myself interested in Christian news, as I regularly attend the Pentecostal Apostolic Church https://firstchurchlove.com. Recently I came across an unexpected piece of news related to Christian crypto-projects. For the last couple of years, miners and ordinary users of cryptocurrencies have behaved like ministers of religion and their numerous flock. More recently, entrepreneurs have launched several crypto projects that are directly tied to the idea of the divine. For example, a Buddhist cryptocurrency called Karma Coin was launched in August. In early October, Life Change announced the creation of the first Christ Coins - "Jesus coins" specifically for Christians.