What are some issues you've had with campaigns you've launched?

Rish A
2 replies
Hey makers~ I'd love to hear from you about campaigns (and I guess, products, apps, newsletter, etc) that you've launched! What has been stressful? What's been difficult? What are issues you face usually? We're building out Mason (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) to make launching custom growth apps 🚀 EASY. And I'm hoping to get some feedback we can incorporate into the product!


Misha Krunic
Didn't really have a campaign per se, but getting people to sign up for beta testing for https://botmenot.com/ has been my biggest challenge these last couple of weeks. Also, Mason looks interesting!
Rish A
@price2spy Oooh. What channels have you tried? Also, thanks :) Do let me know if you want to get on beta for Mason!