What are proven strategies to start trading crypto?

Firoz Khan
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Ingeberg Homewood
I am new and want to start trading cryptocurrency, any tips?
Candida Lombardo
If you are new to crypto-trading from scratch, it can be easy to get confused, not knowing what to approach. The Internet is overflowing with various tips, indicators, and strategies. But you don't know how experienced their creators are in trading and their results. In addition, it is not clear exactly how the authors of the strategies use them in trading: they display them, but most often do not explain how to use them and in what situations they are useful. For example, indicators, which can help a trader during a trend, will be useless during a flat period or a strong market fluctuation, as your broker will remind you https://www.asktraders.com/broke.... So, to know which tools to use and when to use them, you have to understand the principles of how the crypto market works.