What annoys you about LinkedIn? 😀

Marko Rakic
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Marko Rakic
I'll begin: People being too formal. Dude, you are on the social network, not on the academic discussion. Chill 🍻
Daniel Engels
All those "motivation posts", completely fake and exagerated, and written with a unique purpose: to collect a max of organic likes and comments.
Qudsia Ali
These days, I've seen numerous LinkedIn postings similar to (we are looking to hire Xyz at company Xyz. Like and comment to be considered for the position. And the overwhelming response to these types of posts drives me insane.
Maxim Buz
Apart for all of the obvious reasons the other ones have mentioned - the biggest issue for me personally is the urge to compare oneself to everyone else in his network. It's more of a personal issue probably, but I feel like LinkedIn is kind of promoting this kind of toxic behaviour...
Too much spam, specially in groups. I can understand we all want traffic, but I believe LinkedIn would be a lot more useful if people would use it to network, rather than to place links to their blog posts or motivational memes.
@simplytedel I am building a platform to keep networking simple, professional and transparent. Users feedback is that its too simple. I guess we are a generation of likes, posts, compare, follow and comments.
@pintubecom Is that Pintube? Ok, I'll give it a shot.
I would hate to have to go on there... it's an establishment propaganda rag... I avoid it...
Clickbait-y posts!
IMO, it's become way too personal. Everyone wants to share life updates like it's Facebook in the 2010s. My feed is annoyingly filled with "heartwarming" or "heartfelt" stories ... like bruh
Prakhar Sinha
People really showing off what they have achieved in their life, it kinda was good in the beginning when some of your friends and connections were showing but being bombarded with people moving ahead in their lives, I think it somewhat gives inferiority complex. Also those posts of Like for this option, celebrate for that option, dude just why
Marko Rakic
@prakhar_sinha Don't feel inferior, ever! But I have to agree, people on LinkedIn can act as super humans
Geetanjali Shrivastava
LinkedIn being used for personal vanity. Family updates (my child, my spouse, my parent) with a veneer of professional accomplishment are still personal vanity at the end of the day.
Nicky Ahuja
the poll posts designed to drive inauthentic engagement i.e. what do you think of wfh and then the OP asks users to react to the post to indicate their answer as well as the same advice posts regurgitated by different posters after one such post goes viral.
Bhavna Singh
Linkedin have been a great platform for professionals looking to get some real insights and culture about the professional world but at the same time I have come across the multiple posts where people are being bogus at times and are even posting the irrelevant content. The linkedin is the community for some professional stuff, posting social media kind of posts just simply annoys me.
Sandra Djajic
The clickbait and "motivational" posts. Also, LN doesn't give me notifications properly. For example, I won't be notified when I'm tagged in a comment but I will be notified if somebody likes the comment I was tagged in?? Has anyone else experienced this?
Marko Rakic
@inesfenner yeah, sometimes I think as longer as you stay on the platform the more notification they send you
Alex John
Seeing people's success stories (I don't know if they are honest) makes me feel that I am way behind in society.
Marko Rakic
@alex_john123 Never feel inferior! People on LinkedIn are a specific type of people, but they are no different from you. We are all humans (after all :) )
The mountain of clickbait-y and spammy posts that you need to sift through to actually find a couple of good posts. It used to have a lot of really insightful and helpful posts from a lot of professionals in the early days. Also, the incessant sharing of overly personal things, even when it often seems completely unnecessary and irrelevant. That stuff was supposed to be confined to facebook, so that we could all collectively just ignore it 😁😁
Jordan Dwight
Posts that start with "I'm honored to...."
Tyler Cook
Everyone's posting about their new jobs and great 'insights'. But when you're actually working with them, you know they have no insights...
Andrew C.
well, people are not actively invloved. they just congratulate you on new jobs and info changes.
Joanne Hurley
A lot of it feels so forced and unnatural, posting for posting's sake. I have been having to use it a lot more lately for work reasons and I'm shocked that my timeline is almost worse than Facebook which I left. It also feels heavily more useful to those in work, than those out of work looking for a new role. Then it can be hard and frankly unproductive.
Marko Rakic
@joanne_hurleyv1 Understood you. So many fake people, but I'm there for 10% of good users who give value.