What activity do you start a brainstorming session to loosen up the creative muscles?

Rucha Joshi
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Rucha Joshi
While in design school, we used to start with turning the brief upside down and try to come up with whacky ideas for the first 15 min- lots of funny ideas and laughs. This was an excellent warm-up for individuals and it also made us more comfortable sharing ideas with the group when we got to the brief at hand.
Suvojit Manna
@rucha_joshi8 when you say turn the brief upside down how do you do it ?
Raphael S.
I always found using a random word generator helpful for me, just seeing a random word and attaching it to something just makes something tick for me.
Maya Ben Zid
Discussing our inspiration - sharing other people's work we like. It gets the discussion flowing without having to ideate actively.
I've found on Google; The 100:10:1 method, made by Nick Bentley, and Microscope, made by Lame Mage. I don't know if it helps you, but for me, it works perfectly.))) Discuss ideas with a friend or colleagues, and the discussion will build details from there. We do it once a month at pro essay writing service, it's quite productive.