WFH, Coffee shop or office

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Which one do you prefer and why?


Teja Kumar
Coffee shop :)
@tejak I love coffee shops but lately wfh for more focus
Poornima Krishnan
WFH :) because it provides flexibility , independence and better work life balance !
Christian Pezzin
WFH... well, HOME. It would be WFCS or WFO, no? :)
Amanda Weston
WFH, but walk to coffee shop for a 🧠 break and some ☀️
Srishty Chaudhary
As long as my work is being done on time, I can work from anywhere.
Aidas Bendoraitis
Currently working from home, but in the future I am planning to use coworking spaces. I like coffee shops too, but usually for short-term work, like 1-3 hours.
Ng Fang Kiang
WFH + Coffeeshop. I find that when I'm overwhelmed with work, going to the coffee shop to work can boost my energy. When I went back to home, I've a new fresh energy again for work.
Shubham Dhawan
@jorcus 100% this. At times when I'm just exhausted or out of ideas at home, going for just 2-3 hours to the coffee shop helps a lot
Saqib Ali
For me, it's either WFH or Office, a coffee shop could create many distractions.
Shubham Dhawan
Coffee shops for getting in the zone
Simeon Ivanov
Office for me. During the most restrictive lockdown in my city I had to work from home. The thing I found to be most difficult was to differentiate my workspace from my home. After the day was done, any problems I faced professionally seemed to linger in the room. I believe in dedicated spaces for specific tasks. The office gives me a break from home, and home is where I get a break from work in general.
Mohammad Mohiuddin
@simeonatswayde True, I completely agree with you and had the same experience during lockdown
WFH but if I need to really focus coffee shop
Cathy Patalas
coffee shop because I can change them more often and work in a different environment, whereas in an office sometimes it's harder to concentrate for me personally
Srishty Chaudhary
I would love the combination of WFH and office. This works best for me as this will allow me to work closely with my colleagues while giving time at home.
bradley matson
I've avoided the office for a long time . never worked in one. I do enjoy coffee and a snack anytime . Cafe if you pkease