Weekend Warrior or a Weekend Chiller?

Maxwell Davis
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It's just coming up to the weekend here in Singapore and time for me to start winding down from a busy week working my 9-5 and Indie Hacking in my spare time as well as being with the family. I try and take the weekend off from all types of work, I'm going to be catching up with friends, taking the kiddos to dance class and watching the F1 to take my mind off things 😀 - what about you? Are you a Weekend Warrior that hustles their way through or are you going to be relaxing like me?


a Weekend Chiller 😎
Maxwell Davis
@w_j So how are you going to relax then?
@maxwellcdavis In my case, it's active 'relaxation'. Doing all those things I've been putting off all week. Hanging out with friends, riding my bike, singing rehearsals, cleaning. And slowing down. Throughout the week everything has to be on time, so I really have to find a few hours for slow motion :D
Qudsia Ali
A Bit of Both. When It is essential to get some tasks done and can't be left for Monday, so I try to manage both.
Maxwell Davis
@qudsia_ali Ha ha - yeah sometimes this is needed!
I would say Weekend Warrior as I like busy weekends ^_^ Whereby, busy refers to everything besides business, like well-organized activities or side projects.. ^_^
Dawn Veltri
Hmm Weekend Warrior here means someone that fills their weekends with outdoor activities. I am definitely one of those. Sometimes I will work on the weekends if something has to be done, but most of the time I just play.
Grace Storkle
I am going to be relaxing on this Weekend.
Brian Nutt
I try to spend time outdoors. That helps me keep my mind off of the business and helps distract me from the need to be connected.
Maxwell Davis
@brian_nutt Probably something I don't do enough of!