Webflow productized service ($0-$10,000 MAR in 3 months)

Luka Mlakar
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About 3 months ago we launched Flowout - Webflow productized service. I just wanted to write a quick update on how's it going. What we've achieved so far: - launched on ProductHunt - acquired 5 happy clients - found 3 additional developers - sent around 50 cold emails - hit 10k monthly average revenue What's interesting is that the launch didn't make as much buzz as we were expecting, but we still managed to get 2 initial clients. That gave us enough confidence to believe there might be a need for that kind of service on the market. Another thing that I believe has been crucial for the success of Flowout is having a team from the start. The team is focused on client communication and delivering great service while I can focus more on sales, finding developers, iterating the website, etc. Things we're planning to work on in the next few weeks: - inbound marketing: creating free Webflow templates - create at least 1 case study - find at least 2 additional developers - experiment with paid ads That's all I have for now, I'll try to touch base as much as possible. Any questions/feedback/suggestions hit me up in the comments.


Co-founder of ricotta.team
Could you shed some light on how you cracked paying customers with Cold emails?