web3 design process question

Bence Csernak
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As a designer I am researching design processes at web3 companies, calling designers working on web3 projects. Is the design process much different when comparing it with the practices at web2 companies? Any input is much appreciated!


Yuri Lisin
I guess that web3 design simply has a higher bar in terms of achieving a "wow" effect. But in terms of a process, I don't think it really differs. Recently we've built https://tokenhunt.club and its visual identity and it was pretty much the same it terms of the process
Zoltan Szalay
I think it's only about relevant experience in the field. They already know the concept/glossary of web3, understanding how blockchains work, have experience using web3 sites. I would say it's similar how a fintech designer, or an ecommerce designer has specific deep knowledge. They can work faster in their field than others. But the design process is the same.