We’re launching TOMORROW!

Dawn Veltri
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The emails are written. The video has been made. The website has been tweaked. The social posts are scheduled. We have lists upon lists. We’re nervous. I was going to write a post saying all we did to get ready, but I feel like that content is out there already in multiple places and what people really care about is the results. So with that being said, wish us luck! I promise to come back here after the launch and update you all with results and the things we did that were the most impactful. Thank you for this awesome community.


Carsten Pleiser
Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure with you on the helm and the great product you have, this will be a successful launch day. Get some rest now and get the coffee ready.
Satyendra Sahani
Dawn, Best of Luck with the Launch. I'll be there to check the product and support you. Have a great Launch 🙌
Wishing you all the best for your launch, asking my team to check it out!!
Piotr Pawłowski
I'm happy to have a look after the launch. Let me know by sending a PM on twitter: https://twitter.com/firmbeecom It'll bee great, fingers crossed!
Carsten Pleiser
How did the overall day go, @dawn_veltri1 - we're live today hanging around #6
Halena Bob
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Nikita Kukreja
Keen to know how it went Dawn! (You promised 😛 ) And if you have any insights on what you could've improved? We launch soon too, and I'm nervous!
rosie samson
best of luck tomorrow may god give you more success. https://www.brandedwebstudios.com/
Sanja Mitar
Good luck tomorrow!! Sending you positive product hunt vibes!!
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