We launched today - Any questions?

Carsten Pleiser
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I'm happy to answer any questions for anyone launching soon. Right now we're "live" so I'm still thinking about things.


Jonathan Garreis
What is the first step to prepare for the launch?
Carsten Pleiser
@jonathan_garreis Build a great product first ;)
Yasser Sultan
Paperless looks very useful, will try my hands on this weekend. Congrats on the PH launch! For validating/beta testers did you beta launch on a different community like indiehackers or any other place? What has been the feedback gathering process before PH launch?
Adam Casole-Buchanan
How long did you prep before launch? Your video looks very well produced, so I'm inclined to estimate weeks.
Carsten Pleiser
@adamcbuchanan The video was a last minute decision and took us an entire week to produce. The planning of the campaign itself was done fairly quickly. We started the planning approximately 6 weeks before.
Raymond Huang
What should I do to get more feedbacks after launch? We just launched too!
Carsten Pleiser
@raymond_huang3 Contact the signups from Product Hunt and ask if they can share feedback.
Jesus Vazquez
Congratulations on your launch!! 🎊 I'm planning to launch StitchedOn this month on Product Hunt, which is a social directory for no code tutorials. Other than building a great product, what else did you do to ensure a successful launch?
Carsten Pleiser
@stitchedon We focused a lot on creating good creatives and a nice video. We also informed people early on that we will soon be launching on PH and may need their support. Overall, it's a team game so everyone in our company knew what to do on launch day.
Lucia Liu
Congrats on the launch!