We got 👀1,3k new visitors on Getlanding.io and 💌117 subscribers to the waitlist.

Alexey Shashkov
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It has been 39 days and 6 weeks since the pre-launch of Getlanding (Aug 27 – Oct 4). We got 1,300 unique visitors to Getlanding.io, and 117 of them converted to subscribers on the waiting list. On average, we get 33 unique visitors and 3 subscribers per day. Subscribers on the waiting list are not yet users, and this week we'll invite these subscribers to try our MVP. We set an explicit traction goal of growing the number of new users by 10% week-over-week. Stay tuned!


Dawn Veltri
Daniel Baum
Congrats! Awesome progress and continuing to grow in the right direction - keep it up!
Carsten Pleiser
Well done and keep up the good work!
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Congratulation! Do you have any advise?
Devanand Premkumar
Congratulations on this and good luck with all your future endeavors. Wonder if you can share your experience and approach to get to this achievement?
Anna Kuzma
That's great results! What's your biggest source of visitors?