We are planning to launch next week on Product Hunt and everywhere. Any tips or any guides you have?

Pranay Wankhede
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I am currently working as a Product Manager at ExpoSim (https://exposim.io) and we are planning to launch the 2.0 version of our platform next week. Looking for any suggestions or things that I have keep in mind before launching.


Sergio Zaciu
upvoting to see what folks say! :)
Jakub Piskor
Hi! This is my list of favorite resources for PH launch. Maybe you'll find it valuable. Good luck! https://entrepreneurlist.io/prod...
Maya Ben Zid
"Here are a few tips: - Keep your video short and concise, preferably make sure it's understandable on mute - Connect with founders in Facebook, Slack, and Discord groups, people help each other with PH launches there - Don't be spammy but consider promoting your launch in relevant subreddits: Reddit has high-quality traffic - Keep engaging with the community on Product Hunt - Leverage the LinkedIn networks of your clients and partners - ask them to repost the launch announcement - Start a guest post campaign with the mention of your Product Hunt launch to spread the word"
Pranay Wankhede
@maya_ovice That's really great. Thank you so much.
Ben Bohbot
Hello guys! You are welcome to take inspiration from our campaign Jika.io