Wanna get some feedback of my product!

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Hey guys, we are going to launch our product on Product Hunt soon and we wanna get some feedbacks here first. We are a fashion & lifestyle focused mobile shopping app with a resemble of thousands of unique brands. You can follow a brand's update and make a wish list to share with your friends on it. Some influencers we work with described our app as "shoppable pinterest". I want to hear more feedbacks about our app. Please feel free to drop any suggestions! Thank you guys! Website: www.poppyapps.com


Hey Peggy - this may be of interest to you. We recently helped a B2B enterprise startup validate their idea in 2 days with 109 messages. Getting feedback for their product on Product Hunt didn’t go as planned. However, with Mavolos, they managed to get 6 demos booked and speak with 30 target customers. If this is something you’re challenged with too, I’d love to show you how we can get you feedback from your first customers!