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From the images below, I have tried to create use-cases describing the documentation needs when preparing 1) Release notes 2) Employee onboarding docs 3) Research report docs in draft to be shared with external stakeholders 4) Marketing collaterals like a blog Please leave a comment


Voted :) I think onboarding can be overwhelming because it takes time and there is a lot of logistic into it which is why a lot of the time it can be overlooked. However, I can't stress enough how important it is to take that time, because it prepares every employee so they can perform their best with ease especially when they understand the company's vision and how it operates. I would add to this amazing workflow you created an employee database with name/title/department/email of every staff member for accessibility - this way people know who to reach when needed.
@jessie_m Thanks Jessie for your detailed response. I will add the suggested information in my workbook, infact the beauty of the tool is that each of these nodes can carry contextual information. Here's a link to the dummy data that i built into that workflow