Video Editing Feedback

Miriam Dorsett
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Thank you in advance for your help. What is the best way to give video feedback to an editor? Without getting on a call with them?


Ryan Hall
Digital marketing consultant & educator
Hey Miriam I shot you a quick loom video going over two possible tools you can use to give your video editor feedback. Check it out:
Leah Houston
The decentralized physician network
Record a loom Take screenshots and use an annotation tool Most of the videos I made were with people that were in opposite time zone so this is how I did it.
Stefan Smiljkovic
Visionary of
I am using video as my communication tool. Have almost 1k private videos under my Youtube and I can say that is the best and easiest way for me to give feedback, teach or communicate. I am using Chrome Extension, it's free up to 5 min long videos, unlimited videos. Or you can simply use Loom.
Angi Bowman
CRO Manager @ Lucky Orange 🍊
There's a Vimeo plan that allows for collaboration - the Pro Plan, I believe. We've also had luck using timestamps with text and screenshots if necessary. It helps that we review any script first. Any major changes to the voiceover tend to be minor as a result.