User Onboarding: Software Recommendations

Markus Jenul
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Hey hey, :) we are about to launch our new product and we are looking for tools that help to onboard new users. Any recommendations?


Johnny Fekete
Hi Markus I'm a solo founder working on my tool which does just that: (it's not even yet on Product Hunt) Hit me up, I'm looking for early adopters, and you could get an onboarding flow tool for free ☺️
Mohsen Kamrani
@johnnyfekete Definitely recommended. I'm planning to reach out to Johnny as well soon.
Johnny Fekete
@m_kamrani awesome! You can find my Twitter in my Product Hunt profile 🐦
Piotr Pawłowski
This is an interesitng topic. Thanks for raising this question. I'm following this discussion, as we also have some onboarding goals at . :)