Upcoming Tech/Startup webinars/conferences/events you can recommend to register in? :)

Olga Senko🇺🇦
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Looking for suggestions on upcoming Tech/Startup webinars/conferences/events (online and offline) you can recommend to register in?


Sergio Zaciu
always good to earmark Lisbon Web Summit (LWS). Good networking, speaking engagements, and a chance to see one of the best cities in Europe.
Olga Senko🇺🇦
@szaciu for sure - really excited about it :) Have just registered for the Global Investor Conference in Lisbon. So excited!
I currently don't have start-up webinars in mind, but I can advise you of a tool that has helped start-ups tremendously. it helps you promote your business as a start-up, especially through email marketing! Check out: https://minelead.io/ Free Email Finder and Verifier! Let me know if it works for you :D
Olga Senko🇺🇦
@sarita_rita will let you know asap:) Thanks a lot!
Olga Senko🇺🇦
@lizabakhareva me too) but wanna find more options! Hope, there'll be more suggestions