Tracking your website traffic on launch day 📈

Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of setting KPIs for our launch. (check out our Ship page here: So far, it includes things such as number of upvotes, number of comments, average rating, number of new signups, number of new visitors to the website, number X product of the day (hopefully #1!), etc. I'm struggling to define the goals for the following KPIs: - Number of unique visitors to the company website - Number of sign-ups - Conversion rate - Average time spent on the website I'm curious to hear from Makers who have already launched a product - what were your actual numbers when it comes to the KPIs aforementioned? Thanks in advance!


Fabian Maume
Founder of
I think that number of upvotes and comments does not matter much. You should care about your rank. https://productwars.phantombuste... is a good tool to monitor it. Numbers of sign-up and conversion rate, are the most important KPI to track in my opinion. It is also good to track retention. Set a reminder in your calendar in 1 or 2 months to check if the producthunt cohort is still there. You can adapt KPI to your use case. For my own launch, the main KPI was to sell 50 life time deals, so it is the main metrics we tracked: I would also advise you to have some qualitative goals in mind: - Get user feedbacks for the product management team - Get some user testimonials to have social proof.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Team Lead @ Amy
@fabian_maume Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Fabian! It's already the third time I'm hearing about Product Wars, we'll definitely use it to keep an eye the competition. Besides selling 50 LTD, did you set other quantitative goals for the launch?
Trey Chong
Co-founder of
I ranked 17th on the launch day and got 400 referral traffic from PH, so I think the visit will be much higher if you can rank higher. Even though 400 is not a high number, the order that day increased a lot. We are a logo design maker; PH users are our targeted audience - serial founders keep making new products. All the best to your product launching!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Team Lead @ Amy
@treychong Thanks for sharing these insights Trey!
Nikita Dutta
I am a tech enthusiast.
To get all the required information about your website visitors, I recommend you use the services of LeadMagic ( as they make sure you get all the required data, such as your website visitor’s location, their duration on the website pages they visited, and the source through which they found out about you.
earl motley
Blogger and Freelancer
Great tool. Thanks for recommendations. I use this for my VRL Tracking website and i got similar results like Ahrefs tool.
Adriana Wills
I use to follow the below-mentioned criteria for keeping track of my traffic 1. Use Google Analytics. It's the gold standard for website traffic monitoring. 2. Filter out your own traffic. 3. Filter out “bad referrer” traffic like that from and 4. Google Analytics collects a ton of information. Currently I am using the same strategy for my new project anti drone guns
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Five ways to improve your site's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) - Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content - Update Your Content Regularly - Metadata - Have a link-worthy site - Use alt tags Currently i am using this strategy on sports shoes blog