To Sell is Human - How can we help our sales reps avoid human errors?

Vivek Ganesan
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No matter how much we invest in automation of sales, the sales is still a very human thing, for a good reason! Humans are awesome! Humans establish trust with the prospects/customers in a way that automatons can’t. Humans process new information and respond quickly to turn around any setbacks (Witty much?) when there is no historical precedent available. However, to err is human too. Today, many organizations let their sales reps get penalized for their (human) errors. - “A sales rep forgot to send that case study? His loss!” - “Our sales rep forgot to invite the relevant stakeholders to a discovery call? Sorry for you, mate.” How, according to you, can we create a safety net for our sales reps, so that their human errors don’t haunt them or the organization? Disclosure: I am building a SaaS solution in the same space.
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