Tips on getting more beta testers? 🧐

Titiksha Tolia
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Our team is currently working on an eCommerce automation tool and we are urgently looking for eCommerce businesses to join us as beta testers. Although we have tapped into our user base, FB / Reddit groups and personal networks, we still need more testers to get feedback. Do you guys have any tips or suggestions on efficient ways to onboard new beta testers? Any good tools in the market that can help us with this problem? Looking forward to the suggestions! 😊


Maxwell Davis
Maybe try Twitter/LinkedIn DMs too - just please personalize them 😀
Titiksha Tolia
@maxwellcdavis We've tried LinkedIn DMs, but not yet Twitter - maybe we'll explore that option! Thanks for the suggestion :)
Qudsia Ali
"Here are some of the ways you can use to acquire beta users for your product. 1)Launch Your Product on Product Hunt 2)Share Your Offers for Beta Testers in Relevant Communities 3)Reach Out to Your Existing Network 4)Submit Your Product on Beta Testing Websites and Platforms 5)Work on Your PR Strategies 6)Use a referral program 7)Facebook Groups 8)Email Lists 9)Post on Reddit 10)Post on Quora
Titiksha Tolia
@qudsia_ali Thanks for the list of suggestions! Will share with our team :)