Tips for launching an open-source software project on Product Hunt

Klaus Agnoletti
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I am with CrowdSec. We're doing a project of the same name which is all about helping each other out against cyber crime. Basically CrowdSec is crowd sourced threat intelligence meaning that all users of CrowdSec (by default but can be disabled) automatically shares anonymous information about which cyber attacks they're seeing and blocking malicious ips for everyone. Could you share any tips and tricks for launching on Product Hunt when you're an open source project? Especially any tricks on how to engage our community would be extremely appreciated.


earl motley
Make Batter UI/UX so every new user can understand your software. We are also provide service of product configurator so it helps our client's app to get more reach.
flo merian
@klaus_agnoletti hey Klaus 👋 I had the opportunity to launch Specify last year, an API company built on top of open-source blocks (#2 Product of the Day) and, from my perspective, launching an OSS project on Product Hunt isn't much different from another project. @ronak_ganatra1 from GraphCMS (3-times in the Top 5 Products of the Day) also published this insightful post on launching open-source, developer-first products on Product Hunt, and below are his key takeaways:
  1. Polish your content and design assets;
  2. Find a hunter (optional);
  3. Launch at 12:01 AM PST for maximum exposure;
  4. Spread the word on social;
  5. Engage with the community on launch day;
hope it helps -- keep us posted!