Tips and tricks for the launch day

Ricardo Turpin
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Hi product hunters! Let's share some tips about how to have a great launch day in Product Hunt. I am new here and we are actually launching a new product today so I can use your help to make this launch fantastic. I go first: Try to engage with the community and interact with your audience. What could you suggest to help a fellow hunter? Cheers, Ricardo


Nimesha Buvanendran
Hi, I am not a maker but have closely observed the pattern of how products rank high on this platform. Many think that it's almost impossible to get to the top unless you have a huge community following. It’s definitely much harder since fewer friends have “good” profiles but it is doable, you just need a battle plan. Creating awareness for your product using the upcoming products page could be great too.
Hi, Ricardo! I would say launch language needs to clearly strike two chords. One would be talking points that are problem-aware, and two would be takeaways that are solution-aware. Every reader at that point walks away having understood your product and whether or not they need it themselves!
Varun Kodnani
I launched Flowace on Product Hunt today! Any tips would be really useful.
Ricardo Turpin
@varun_kodnani Hi there! How did the launch go? Anything you would like to share with us?
Varun Kodnani
@ricardoturpin It went really well! We’re trending on #6 daily and #27 weekly! Also I think PH just added us to their newsletter!
Aqsa Sajjad
Don't do bot activities ask for your connections to support you and wish yourself good luck✌️😅
Ricardo Turpin
@aqsa_sajjad1 Great tip!! Thank you very much!! Did you launch a product recently??