Tips about localizing content

Miriam Barchilon
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Alexey Shashkov
Inspired product maker
Find a native speaker who can understand the interface of your product and pay him to localize it. For example, I'm a native Russian. I love digital products and understand interfaces. I probably can localize your product in the Russian language.
Anil Muppalla
Maker in the making
Localization is a hard problem. Depending on the dimensions of measurement it can quickly become impossible to scale especially in highly diverse countries and every country seems to be becoming more diverse. Here are somethings I have seen work: 1. Divide the world into markets (this is a standard) 2. Understand what local means in each market 4. Understand how content is consumed in each market 5. Have local presence (this is hard if you are a small company, then try to approach it market by market) 6. Understand the relationship between local culture and content - important for content relevance
Miriam Barchilon
@anilmuppalla Thanks for the advice. Other than obviously translating and localizing text, what else do you think should be localized in a website?
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
Be Brief Be Clear Be consistent Consider Text Expansion/Contraction
Alma Houston
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