Time for hobbies

Ojelola Ojelabi
6 replies
What are your biggest challenges in terms of having time for hobbies or activities outside of work?


Vivek Vardhan
The biggest challenge remains completing all the work and as a businessman, the work never ends. So, writing a To-do list helps and making sure I am working 8hrs only helps.
Raphael S.
Time management - being able to organize your schedule to fit in all your activities is the toughest part.
Qudsia Ali
I would say the most significant challenges are time management and Laziness, because of which I am unable to take time out for my hobbies and Exercise.
Ezzat Suhaime
I guess it helps when your hobby is coding and etc.
Starting... There`s actually enough time, but the initial urge is often lacking. Maybe because the mental space is still too consumed with work and other arrangements and just needs down time of doing NOTHING.
erwin smith
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