This simple Google search trick finds you open spreadsheets with data on anything you want

Pedro Guimaraes
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The ability to do precise Google searches and getting relevant results is a superpower that is easy to acquire but most people don't have it. With Google search operators you can do anything from market analysis, prospecting people on LinkedIn, finding investors, retrieving fundraising news, finding emails, etc. But when it comes to spreadsheets, there's a simple trick you can use on your Google searches to find all the openly available spreadsheets out there. Some months ago I was looking for startups hiring remotely, in 3 secs I found lists with more than 900 companies hiring just right now with this simple trick. So simple that the only thing you need to do is write the following syntax in your google search: intitle:[anything you want] As I said, there are a bunch of other cases where you can leverage these simple google searches to boost your productivity when trying to find resources online. After mastering this for a while, I compiled a brief guide with several other examples of google searches that can be useful for any entrepreneur. You can also find a simple explanation of the operators I found most useful for daily Google searches. Feel free to take a look: Happy Google searches everyone! 🤓
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