The Unschedule: An Effective Method to Beat Procrastination

Vio Vanica
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This is how it works: Instead of scheduling in the calendar the things you procrastinate (work - e.g., tasks, projects, etc), you first schedule the fixed commitments (e.g., sleep, meals, showering, etc), guilt-free play (hobbies, reading, recreation, meeting your friends), self-care activities (e.g., exercise, meditation), including at least one hour of play a day and one full day off per week. Now your calendar is not full of overwhelming expectations, but it is more like a place for fun. It releases the pressure out of it. You can finally see that after scheduling the fixed commitments, you don't have so much time for work. This actually makes work look more attractive and you'll find yourself wanting to work more. Crazy right? But it works. I wrote a full article about this method Curious to learn what methods do you use to motivate yourself to keep with things on track?


David J. Kim
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Read the article Viorica. Really cool that you got to meet the man behind the famous Stanford Prison experiment!
Vio Vanica
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@between_team thank you David, Dr Zimbardo is super cool!
Deniz Aslan
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Nice Article.Thanks!
Vio Vanica
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@deniz_fox thank you Deniz!
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Hall Wood
Hi there. Your method is quite interesting, I will definitely try it. Until this moment, I planned my day as full of tasks as possible, but I only managed to complete 1 or 2 items, and I was very upset about it. But what you suggest seems more positive.
Hassaan Bassam
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Sounds like a good tweak to try. But overwhelming at the same time. For me, too much scheduling kicks the fun out of living.