The unlisted but cool upcoming products in product hunt

Gowtham G
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I had created an upcoming page for my product just yesterday, but it doesn't seem t be listed in the upcoming products section of product hunt. Did any of you guys face the same problem, did any of you find a solution for it? This is my upcoming product page: also check out our website: If you guys have any idea how to get it listed it would be helpful, and also if you can have a look at the product and hunt it, it would be great.


Community @ Product Hunt
Hey Gowtham - as you are currently a Ship Free subscriber, your Upcoming Page won't isn't appearing on the Upcoming Products section. At the moment it can only be accessed by going to the URL for your Upcoming Page, which allows you to share it with your friends, family and followers, and ofcourse here in discussions :) If you want to have it promoted on Product Hunt, on the Upcoming Pages site, and the Homepage, you'll need to be a Ship Pro subscriber (you can upgrade your subscription: and on your Upcoming Page's Preview Page, Click 'Edit Page' in the top right and then you'll need to click 'Promote on PH'. This will then send your Upcoming Page for us to moderate and schedule for promotion on the Homepage and Upcoming Pages site. I hope this clears the confusion 😉