The Rekord: I launched my MVP and I need your feedback

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Dear Friends, My name is Ali and I am excited to announce that I launched the MVP for The Rekord. I need your feedback. What is The Rekord? The Rekord is an opinion platform available to the whole world to consult and impact the popularity rating of public figures (from politicians and celebrities to corporations and sports teams). The above is a demo rendering of what Biden's rating could look like with enough engagement. Right now, President Biden is not even tracked on The Rekord. You could be the first one to rate him. Learn how you can do so easily in the MVP launch blog post here. And this is how you submit a rekord: Access The Rekord at Looking forward to your feedback and I'd love the opportunity to further the conversation with you. (


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I'd like to see more of the why behind this. Why should I take time out of my day to rate people? What's in it for me? Also, I keep wondering what the ratings are based on. I'm guessing this is a quantified popularity index, where the winners are the ones people like the most.
@tyhitzeman - Thanks for the feedback Ty! Great questions. It got me thinking. I will start with the second question. The ratings are indeed quantified. As a user, you will have an "arsenal" of emojis to react with (e.g: thumbs-down, thumbs up, heart, medal) and each reaction maps to a specific number/quantity of points. The reaction you pick for the public figure translates to an exact amount of bonus/malus points that reflect on the popularity index in real time. In the v0.1, you can post reactions in "free form" whenever you feel like it, like a tweet. In the next version, there will be a news feed (based on community news aggregation) and you can rate the entities involved in that news. It will provide context to each reaction and also introduce some constraints (for example, you can react just once per story). Does the above sound like an interesting idea you'd like to see or try out? Back to the first question: What's in it for you? The short answer is that your voice is given permanent and immediate "impact". I think it is a form of individual "empowerment". This may be considered too "abstract" a value proposition but that's the underlying spirit. I think the early users need to identify with that spirit and celebrate the ability to impact and set the record. I personally do identify with that spirit and I've spoken to a few folks who do. But I know for a fact that it is not for everyone (it is not meant to be). Down the road, however, if adoption is significant and there is critical mass, The Rekord shall provide other benefits, for example: it can be an effective news aggregation app, that is customizable, with this unique angle of having a popularity index built in and geared towards "impact" and not infinite comment threads. There are other ideas as well, but they all hinge on building a large community that supports the vision. Thanks again Ty for taking the time to give me your feedback. Would you or other folks in your network be interested in becoming early adopters to give this concept a try?
@tyhitzeman I added a screenshot of how you submit a rekord.
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@ali_echihabi Gotcha. It sounds like you're pretty clear on the value-prop and roadmap. However, I'm not excited about the basic premise of contributing to a popularity index. I don't think we need a public opinion to be more quantified. The inherent subjectivity of it also makes me write off whatever rankings I'd see there. Sorry to be harsh. You're obviously very smart and motivated to have gotten this far, which I respect. It's just not for me.
@tyhitzeman - not harsh at all Ty. Direct and to the point. This is exactly what one wants to get in this early stage. So thanks a lot for taking the time to give builders early feedback. Much appreciated. I will continue toying around with the concept when I find time with the hope of hitting a variation of this that will resonate with folks. I am considering adding a "news and stories" layer to the basic rating mechanism with "social sharing" to see if that will be something people want.