The Product Hunt launch is just a bonus...

Carsten Pleiser
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So, launches tomorrow. This isn't just another post about what we've been doing in preparation for the launch. Instead, I wanted to say thanks to the Product Hunt community for being full of awesome people and makers. The idea of building something and sharing it with the world online isn't for everyone. You guys made it a lot of fun up until the launch and I hope you continue to do so for many more months and years to come. Although I've already tweeted this, Product Hunt is actually a great place to make new friends before you launch. The launch itself is just a bonus. Here's to a great community, engaging discussions, and people who aren't afraid to build and make stuff and share it. I love you all 😍


Jonathan Garreis
Great gesture but we are here to support each other so thanks for sharing your story!
Christian C
@ckpleiser thanks and all the best for the launch tomorrow!
Carsten Pleiser
@chriscarex Thanks so much. And thanks so much also for your follow on Twitter. Can't wait to follow your journey and what you're building next.
Bertha Kgokong
All the best with your launch
michael star
Thanks for sharing this info and I am also ready to make a youtube channel with keto recipes for my project so that people also learn practically.