The Open "Ultimate" Checklist for ProductHunt Launch

Imtiyaz -
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Hey Makers/Hunters, I've been researching and reading a lot about ProductHunt launch checklist guides. I've found many Notion templates, Airtable databases, and Google Spreadsheets but I feel they still lack many things that can help you grab the first position on your launch day. Also, I have found a few checklists that are paid. I want to create an open and ultimate action-oriented checklist that will benefit fellow makers. So, I want you to share your personal checklists, any resource available on the internet, or links to ProductHunt discussion threads. P.S. You can subscribe to our upcoming product here:


Akram Quraishi
Jennifer Guerra
@patricia_bsc_kairn @shivam_jha3 awesome checklist, thanks for sharing! Very organized and easy to follow :)
Jennifer Guerra
@patricia_bsc_kairn @shivam_jha3 we launched today our Data Analytics Shopify App. Please check it out if you have some time. I can't share the link here but the name of the product is Tresl Segments. We'd really appreciate your feedback
Imtiyaz -
Congratulations @5harath @ms_yogii @designerdada on the successful launch of Peerlist. Would you guys like to share your process and preparations for the PH launch?
Akash Bhadange
@5harath @ms_yogii @imtiyaz922 Thanks a lot Imtiyaz! 💚 Yes, we will definitely share our experience soon on the Peerlist blog 👉
Fabian Maume
Those are my todo lists: I plan to update them following my latest experience with QApop's relaunch.