The Most annoying experience as a Marketer

Shivi Jalota
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The Most annoying experience as a Marketer is.. "When clients tweak or edit your campaign without telling you just because they don't like it and after that blame you for its bad performance". Have you had this experience?


Maxwell Davis
No but that sounds like a nightmare! I'm sure developers have a similar experience with their code too
My upline humiliated my team members who understandably quit - most uplines who are successful are the manipulative and have no scruples, whatsoever. Never ever join Amway especially if the team is made up of Indians. They have ruined the Amway/BWW business completely and it has a bad reputation everywhere. That’s why they resort to lies and deception to get young students to register and then exhort money from them. my ford benefits
Shivi Jalota
@krogerfeed Hey I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. Amway usually promotes MLM in India and hence you will see most of the team is made of Indians but I am genuinely sorry for your experience.
Yohan Ubey
Yeah this can be a bad experience, after all the effort and research you put to create the perfect plan. Client may come and tweak the parameters to fit the budget requirements.
Pritam Nanda
It's a really trick situation. I have been through similar experiences. Initially, it did hurt. But later on we realized that if you are accountable for the success of the campaign, don't share edit rights to your clients (Until the campaign has showed some traction atleast). You can give them a view access
Shivi Jalota
@pritam_nanda92 that's true why feel guilty
Carsten Pleiser
Copywriting by committee is horrible.
Vaibhav Taneja
When clients make changes in your campaign again and again!
Nikita Kukreja
Never had this, but it sounds quite annoying! Another thing that can be annoying is that you can't really measure all marketing efforts and their impact..
Shivi Jalota
@kukreja_nikita Being in advertising and marketing industry I have realised that the client is always right :) And hence when such things happen all you can do is to pray that the campaign doesn't fail
Srishty Chaudhary
For me, the most annoying experience as a marketer is when clients are so strongly opinionated about the marketing strategies that they want to desperately apply in their business, without even knowing the pros and cons.