The difficulty of hardware vs software

Ben Wisbey
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I am interested in getting feedback from those with experience in hardware development. My background is in software, but hardware seems to be a while different story. Long development times and the inability to make changes in the later stages can be frustrating at times. I am experiencing this now at MaddCog. We track the mental performance of gamers to help them boost their win rate ( This requires sensor hardware that streams data to the apps where it is analysed and feedback is provided to the gamer. Any experience or suggestions would be valued. Thanks


Satoshi Nakamoto Practically speaking, your device will be incomplete without a non-invasive BCI (brain computer interface) wearable that does not require an implant. The wearable would have to link up to a separate AI console that records the game and synchronizes brain behaviour with time marking indicators during recorded sessions. A "player specific" trainable AI would only be effective if it is allowed to overide ineffctive manual moves using only "thoughts" to execute gaming actions based on previously successful moves. It would be analogous to a preferential action override device that automates a player's actions, utilizing only thought.
Ben Wisbey
@s_nakamoto Thanks for the feedback. Your first paragraph is a good summary of what MaddCog currently offers. Although the term 'BCI' is losely applied to EEG and other sensors. From a practical point of view, I don't think a player would ever want their actions to be overriden. Rather we take the approach of identifying instances where they are unlikely to play at their best, and provide suggestions, or the recommendation to take a break rather than playing another game and losing. Thanks.
Kirman Smith
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