TGIF! Do you find Fridays more stressful or is it the most relaxed workday of the week?

Mrinalini Rabindranath
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For me, Fridays are usually the most stressful because it means getting all the work for the weekend done and ready. How does your workload change throughout the week?


Mayank Gupta
Same man! Friday is ffing stressful for me. I gotta jot down how much work I got done this week, what work is still left, how to complete them, maybe work on weekend and also track own progress. Shit. Now I'm scared of today!
Somnath Sandeep
@mayank_gupta11 hahahaha, but love that you do accounting for yourself regarding your work. that truly helps in the long run
Mayank Gupta
@somnathsandeep just for the cause man. I just wanna be a master of all traits.
Raghav Goyal
Everyday is a chill day if you start it right ;) Wake up, do some Yoga, go for a walk, cook a good breakfast, freshen up and start your day! But Fridays are just more pumped in general, always looking forward to a good drink with good company after a good day's work :)
Veronika Vinichenko
For me, Friday is summing up the week and finishing small tasks, and it all depends on the results and the number of small tasks :) One thing I can say for sure, if something needs to be done urgently on Friday, but this was not part of my plans and the day is already scheduled I'm more nervous than other days :)
Chandan Das
For me , it depends upon work load
Jack Davis
I just do some work on the weekend as well because it is fun work.
Somnath Sandeep
To be frank, my Friday's usually end with mixed feelings/emotions. I look forward to the weekend, and at the same time, bear the load of all the "work" which has to be completed.
They are stressful, but I miss them on mondays :D
Very stressful! Like any other fridays..need to wrap up the weeks work!
Jyo Boral
really depends, friday's have been pretty chill so far, plus i dont mind much if there is work too, considering i finish it up so that i can chill in the weekends. Well, its too soon for me to have faced a work based friday issue yet tho.
As for me, it is actually both, e.g. this week Friday is the most relaxed workday, next week is the most stressful one. Still I always try to manage my workload equally for each day not to be overwhelmed with tasks and stress. But Friday at the end of the month is usually the most relaxed workday since all tasks are completed and I'm planning new ones for the next month.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Fridays are definitely more relaxing for me than weekdays as I get a chance to explore diverse well-being & happiness ideas as it is on alternate Fridays & Saturdays that I share happiness updates & Walkover Bytes (info on different topics) with the team of Walkover.