Tell me what suck about invoicing - suggestions for invoicing app

Tade Adamjak
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Hi Makers, - What are the biggest pain points/issues you are experiencing as a freelancer/maker regarding invoicing and payments? - What features would you need to have in an invoicing app? - What features would you like to have in an invoicing app? Bit of a context I am working for a mobile and web invoicing app for small businesses. We are now planning to focus on freelancers and prepare features to solve some of the problems, but I need to identify them first. I am hoping to gather as much feedback and suggestions from freelancers as possible that is why I post it here.


Tade Adamjak
One of the pain points I identified is: Getting paid on time - the hassle of chasing the late payers one by one. ex: we could help with this thanks to automatic payment reminders. If you have any feedback you are willing to share, I would love to hear it. Thank you for your help a