Suggestions for positioning privacy and encryption to new users?

Joe Dwyer
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My product ( is getting close to launch and I'm wondering how to best position privacy as a feature benefit, as well as end to end encryption. People seem to understand and desire privacy, but what suggestions do people have in terms of positioning this to users outside of the standard, "we use SSL", etc. We also are looking at end to end encryption of data to secure everything in the backend. But, do users get what that means and how it truly can make their data private? Looking for suggestions on how to position this in our marketing toward users.


Mohsen Kamrani
I think yup, you can just describe it as "end to end encryption of data" which you already did, and the average user can easily understand it. I believe this means you have encryption at rest and in transit which would be the technical way to describe it as opposed to the way you already explained it in your question. Best of luck with your lunch by the way.
Joe Dwyer
@m_kamrani Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we have encryption at rest and in transit. My hope is to make this a differentiating feature, so need to make sure it is well understood. Probably, a picture is worth a 1000 words in this case.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Yes the users know and look for such features. It will be nice to explain the technology, not just e2e encryption, because this can mean a lot of things. Focus on: - what's in for the user - how the data protection will help them and who is controlling what asect? For ex. Id it's e2e encrypted, but they don't control the key, then it could be useless. I'll be happy to review your copy if you want.