Stuggling to Get First 100 Customers for Your SaaS Product?

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Business owners often have high hopes about their newly started business, believing that it will succeed. They believe that getting their first 100 clients will be easy at the drop of a hat. But then they end up bearing loss for months. If you own a SaaS business and are struggling to get your first 100 customers, I would love to hear back from you. What are your struggles and who are you dealing with them?


Cris Barbs
It takes a lot of effort to get that first 100 customers. You need to engage with the right audience, and the most effective to get in front of them is through ads. Before launching anything, make sure you have everything planned out so you would not end up wasting time, effort, and money.
Paul VanZandt
The biggest struggle for us is reaching people who gain a ton of value from the product. We know our target persona, but getting them to buy into your vision is much more difficult than it sounds.
Reece Jones
I've been struggling with conversion rates, I have lots of eyes, I think I've figured out effective ads. But the differences between mobile and browser is tough.