Stop buying email lists

Ahmed Saleh
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Stay away from buying email lists. They are very often inaccurate, outdated, and irrelevant. You want to really get people to explicitly consent to receive an email, and event double opt-in into your email subscription (look that up if you're not familiar) The fastest way to get subscribers is a lead magnet. A good small e-book, notion template, a checklist, or a manual collection of resources to help your audience do something. Check many of the top ProductHunt posts to see some examples. Create good content as a lead magnet. Find a good hunter for product hunt, and go from there. You can easily get a few thousand subscribers from that one tactic if your content makes it to the top voted spots. Instead of spending money buying the email list, use the money to generate the content (pay someone to write it or do it). Finally, consider public (a common method for gaining traction these days). Good luck!


Nabeel Amir
I think you're right. Many people had little to no help using the email lists. Generating the content, on the other hand, sounds to be a better idea.
Andrew C.
email is the easy way out ... and that's the approach most marketeers use... but you 100% right about some list being outdated and old.
Shivi Jalota
one hundred percent agree to this